Saturday, 18 February 2012

Stash Busting Challenging ~ Sophie

Oh blimey, I came across this challenge on the same day as we started this blog, so I'm thinking I will join in.  Actually I repeatedly promise myself that I'm going to use up my yarn stash before buying more but it never seems to happen so maybe this will help a bit.....(maybe)!

Since Christmas I have kindly been given a massive amount of yarn by a friend and I also bought some bargain purple yarn in a charity shop.  My boxes are bursting at the seams and there is no room for any more.

I'm already working on a crocheted cushion which I started last Autumn to use up some last bits of cotton left over from other projects.  It is sat in a basket nearly finished so I think this is where I should start!

I also have a tunic on the knitting needles at the moment which is getting close to being finished...

....and I'm trying hard NOT to start anything with the lovely colourful cottons which I bought before  Christmas even though I really want to make one of these cats.  I'm trying not to have too much on the go and once.



  1. I love that little cat! its so sweet!

    Leanne x

  2. So pleased to find your new blog. I thought you were going quiet! Good luck with the stash busting. We'll have to cheer each other along!

  3. :) yes we will Cheryl, it was your blog that led me to the challenge!