Sunday, 27 October 2013

New Blog App

I have not been able to log into the blog app I've been using to blog from iPhone for the last couple of days. I rarely use the laptop at all anymore so this is very annoying! 
So this is just a test post, trying out the BlogTouch app. 

Here's a pretty picture to try that out too!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Gaby's Baking Blog

Gaby's has finally finished her baking project, YAY!

 Here she is at the open evening showing off her cakes.

You can look at her project over at her blog -

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pink Peace Scarf Number 3

I'n feeling like I am ready to hibernate and wanting to finish a lot if things I've started or committed to this year. One of those things is finishing the section of crochet I've been doing for
and get all 3 bits off in the post. 
I finally finished last night, so ta-dah! 
Here they are, ready to go :)

I will probably do some more (lots of pink wool left), but I have couple of other projects to finish right now and then I'm planning to make a blanket for the cold winter afternoons sat in my car for the school run. It won't be pink!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Garden Update

I have had a little potter today, picking the last few veggies from my garden and troughs. I think this year has turned out pretty well considering my late start and I'm feeling much more enthusiastic again. I'm making some plans for what to grow next year in my secret garden and the troughs I have at my mum's. My experimenting over the past few years has paid off and I know what will grow and what not to bother with. I also know that the most important thing is to get the longest growing season possible, not throw some seeds in at the last minute! I think there will be a lot of seeds on top of the kitchen cupboards and in Gaby's bedroom next year - if she lets me!

I still have cucumbers and butternut squash in the garden...


...I've never grown butternut squash before so I'm hoping they will ripen but this may be wishful thinking.

I am still getting plenty of chard and I think these are probably the last courgettes. They are teeny!

We are going to eat these with our roast dinner tonight :)


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weekend Off

We are enjoying a couple of nights off :)
Right now I'm tucked up on the sofa under my crochet making a point of sitting in one place whilst I have the chance. (When our boys are home I'm up and down the stairs A LOT)!
Last night though, we had a night away in Exeter. We had tickets booked to see The Cult. It's so exciting when bands play on the nights which coincide with the boys respite, and we are now constantly checking listings looking out  for this. Exeter is ideal for us, not being too far away and having friends to catch up with there too.

When booking this weekend, I spent quite a while trying to find a hotel with a bath....

...maybe not top priority for most people but a relaxing bath is something I miss out on a lot as a carer. It's all about quick morning showers usually. 

It was a nice hotel and we chilled out in the bar for a bit before going out for some food - really comfy armchairs...

The gig was not spectacular but it was enjoyable...

This morning we did a bit of clothes shopping (do boys ever stop growing?) before coming home. 
Ok, I may have bought some yoga trousers for myself too :)

When we got to the station there was a fantastic storm while we waited for our  (late) train...

We managed to get home without getting too soaked which was lucky because I didn't take a coat!  

And here I am now :)

These breaks are really making a difference to all of us. It's hard and a bit strange but worthwhile. Our stress levels have definitely reduced as a result and we are immensely grateful for them.