Monday, 21 October 2013

Garden Update

I have had a little potter today, picking the last few veggies from my garden and troughs. I think this year has turned out pretty well considering my late start and I'm feeling much more enthusiastic again. I'm making some plans for what to grow next year in my secret garden and the troughs I have at my mum's. My experimenting over the past few years has paid off and I know what will grow and what not to bother with. I also know that the most important thing is to get the longest growing season possible, not throw some seeds in at the last minute! I think there will be a lot of seeds on top of the kitchen cupboards and in Gaby's bedroom next year - if she lets me!

I still have cucumbers and butternut squash in the garden...


...I've never grown butternut squash before so I'm hoping they will ripen but this may be wishful thinking.

I am still getting plenty of chard and I think these are probably the last courgettes. They are teeny!

We are going to eat these with our roast dinner tonight :)


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