Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weekend Off

We are enjoying a couple of nights off :)
Right now I'm tucked up on the sofa under my crochet making a point of sitting in one place whilst I have the chance. (When our boys are home I'm up and down the stairs A LOT)!
Last night though, we had a night away in Exeter. We had tickets booked to see The Cult. It's so exciting when bands play on the nights which coincide with the boys respite, and we are now constantly checking listings looking out  for this. Exeter is ideal for us, not being too far away and having friends to catch up with there too.

When booking this weekend, I spent quite a while trying to find a hotel with a bath....

...maybe not top priority for most people but a relaxing bath is something I miss out on a lot as a carer. It's all about quick morning showers usually. 

It was a nice hotel and we chilled out in the bar for a bit before going out for some food - really comfy armchairs...

The gig was not spectacular but it was enjoyable...

This morning we did a bit of clothes shopping (do boys ever stop growing?) before coming home. 
Ok, I may have bought some yoga trousers for myself too :)

When we got to the station there was a fantastic storm while we waited for our  (late) train...

We managed to get home without getting too soaked which was lucky because I didn't take a coat!  

And here I am now :)

These breaks are really making a difference to all of us. It's hard and a bit strange but worthwhile. Our stress levels have definitely reduced as a result and we are immensely grateful for them. 

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