Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bookmarks and Hobbits ~ Sophie

This is a busy week!  We have made a start on redecorating Gaby's bedroom in the daytime and during the evenings I'm trying to make a few more bits for the Harriet Davis Trust fundraiser.
I've been doing a few of these bookmarks.  I really like the pattern and I can get them done quickly.  They need their tassels adding but here is a finished one I did last year.....
As far as reading goes, I made a start on 'The Hobbit'.  I can't believe I've never read this.  It's been sat on my bookshelf for over 20 years!! I just never got around to reading it.  There's nothing quite like a film coming out to motivate me to read the book before I go! Actually, I downloaded the audio as I knew I wouldn't have time otherwise!  I also realised recently that I have never actually read 'The Lord of the Rings' despite loving the story.  It's because I have the radio dramatisation on cassette - remember those?! 
Here are 'my precious' tapes :) 
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  1. Your bookmarks look so delicate. I wish crocheting made sense to me...I've tried to learn so many times but it just doesn't click for me. Those are very beautiful.

  2. Your bookmarks are gorgeous, almost too pretty to use! I've read the Hobbit and I have to say it was a hard read for me. As much as I love the Lord of the rings movies, the books are not my favorites. I'm looking forward to the Hobbit movie though...

  3. Oh, wow, that Tolkein set is a precious treasure! So much fun to listen to, i bet!