Friday, 29 March 2013

Rocking Your World Friday ~ Sophie

It's Friday again, time to think about this weeks positives. It's not been too bad a week at all :)
We got a night away and saw 'The Stranglers.' I'm not a massive fan but it was a good night and 'The Godfathers' supporting them were great too.  It was nice to get away despite it being freezing! We had some good food, a few drinks and just relaxed.  Also, we experienced a random act of kindness from an old friend who really understands how important these breaks are for us.
Cheers to him!
We went to another concert, midweek. Again not one of my top bands but one of Andy's favourites, 'Stiff Little Fingers'.  I've seen them with him before and they are really good live.  They were supported by 'Ed Tudor Pole' who was very entertaining.  Big thanks to the 2 carers that stayed up late in addition to working both days with our lads, enabling us to go.
The starling murmuration.  I posted about this a while back.  Well it's still here and now about 30 times the size it was then and they are coming right over our garden.  I took lots of photos the other day but they just don't capture the magnificence.  Here is the best of a bad lot...
Being good and sticking to 2 cups of coffee a day.  I'm trying to get off it completely, it really doesn't agree with me and I feel better for cutting it sons autism means they have major sleep disturbances which have gone on for many years and I have got into bad habits with drinking it to stay awake.  I drink this 'Women's Energy' herbal tea quite a lot as a replacement.  It's not quite the same but it tastes nice!
Yesterday I was sent a photograph of a friends finished knitted baby blanket.  This is rocking my week because I helped her get started and passed on a few techniques and she has done an amazing job with it. 
Sitting down in the day time watching the film 'Red'.  We were tired after going out on a 'school night'! It was excellent.
Lemon cake.  Gaby is working hard on her school baking project most weekends and I'm making the huge sacrifice of trying out her cakes for her.  This one was perfect.
Gaby's recipes are in her blog
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  1. That cake looks super yummy.

    Sounds like you managed some 'me' time which is always a good thing but not always easy to do.

    I hope you have a super weekend - Happy Easter.

    Toni xx

  2. I love starling murmurations. We see a lot of them round here. They make you feel very small and insignificant don't they?

    The lemon cake looks yum! And we have just borrowed Red off my Dad after missing it on TV this week. My eldest is going through a Morgan Freeman lurve phase :)

    Hope you are having a great week Sophie :) Off to check out your ARC now.

  3. Oh you had a fabulous week, busy busy, how good to be able to go out and enjoy concerts! The cake looks amazing too!

    Starling murmurations are fantastic, not seen one in an age though.

    And we almost watched Red last night when we returned from hols but ended up putting Skyfall on instead, maybe next time.