Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Catching Up!

It is too hot for knitting at the moment! It's been too hot for anything much. Thankfully last night we had an amazing thunder storm. A few weeks ago we had some chippings put down under our trampoline. This is the first time we've had rain since and the children are out playing this morning when previously it would have been a mud bath. It's going to make life a lot easier :)

The half term leading up to summer is always busy for me as I am trying to organise care and activities for the children,  go to events at school - the boys were fantastic participating in their school production this year  - and generally trying to sort stuff out before the 6 week break. So not much arty crafty time! We have managed a night away and a bit of gardening and reading...

We've seen Alabama 3 in Bristol but I seemed to only take photos of food and drink!

Oh, there was this crafty table number I liked too!

My garden is looking quite good. I was so fed up after last years weather and having to give up the allotment idea that I wasn't going to bother! Then the weather got better and so did my attitude! I've planted my seeds later than ideal as it's quite a shady space but things seem to be doing ok so far.

I listened to 'Various Pets, Alive And Dead' by Marina Lewycka. I enjoyed this. It's the first book I've read by this author and I noticed the reviews were not as good as some of her others but I really liked it. It follows grown up children of lefty parents and a feminist who became a carer for her adopted daughter with Down Sydrome.  Themes I can relate to!

I'm still stargazing and got this glimpse of the moon on Sunday night..,

Finally, I got new glasses. I've been putting this off but I'm pleased with  them ....

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