Thursday, 1 August 2013

Blogalong With Effy

I'm going to try and join in with Effy Wild's challenge to blog every day throughout August. It's school holidays and things are pretty full on for us (2 of my 3 children have severe and non-verbal autism), so I will probably miss a few days here and there amid the chaos! I blog here mainly for me, as a reminder that I can and do do other things alongside caring. Usually, art, knitting, reading etc.  It seems like a good idea to make a point of checking in here through this month.  

Today has actually been quiet and uneventful which is good :) I finished reading 'Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself' by Lissa Rankin. It makes a lot of sense and I  need to take note! Yoga classes booked for next week is a start. I think I'd like to try reflexology again too because I'm feeling all my stress in my feet!

Well I tried all of yesterday evening to post this and it just wouldn't publish so I am a day behind already!  

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