Friday, 2 August 2013

Blogalong Day 2

Today is our day off. My boys are at their respite care unit for the day and I'm sat here having a quiet cup of coffee with paint all over my hands. Unfortunately not the creative type! I've spent the afternoon damp-sealing the conservatory in preparation for painting it.

 I have so much decorating to get done that I have written out a list which breaks it into small tasks in the hope that it will be a little less overwhelming! I feel like with the extra days off we are getting, I might finally get to grips with it. 

Gaby went off to the flower show with my mum while I was making these plans. They both entered some of the creative categories and both got second places :) Gaby's entry was for the celebrity cupcake class. She chose Gerard Way, and came up with these....

I think they're fab and they taste good too :-)


  1. Hooray for cupcakes! Additionally, more than cupcakes even, I now want a conservatory. I feel like that would up my cool/mysterious factor significantly... :)