Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Butterflies and Moths - Blogalong With Effy 6

There have been so many butterflies this year. I'm loving it. We had a beautiful peacock butterfly make itself at home on my son's window. I tried to take some pictures but with the reflections and the evening sun I just couldn't capture the vibrant colours. Then I instagrammed it and created an equally pretty version, nothing like how it actually looked!

A few days later this tiger moth decided to spend the entire day on the playroom wall...

As I am seeing so many, I remembered to do the Big Butterfly Count. Today I've counted 7 small whites. I really enjoy doing this, it really makes me take notice of how much wildlife there is in my small town centre garden. We are also experiencing a lot of bees visiting us most days and the collared doves sit in the tree behind us almost constantly. 

 I took part in Pixie Campbell's 7 journeys recently.
 It was an intense week of journey work and I learned a lot from taking the time to participate. Even though time was not on my side, this just had to come out onto paper...

...butterflies do seem to be fluttering around everywhere at the moment and I'm enjoying them. 


  1. Oh how lovely your getting to enjoy all the butterfly and moth magic! And what a lovely page.

  2. Lovely creation, butterflies are so beautiful, have fun.

  3. I love the butterflies and a applaud you for allowing them to show up and to stay. Quite beautiful.