Sunday, 11 August 2013

Artful Readers Club

I got ahead with my reading and then fell way behind with artwork, this is my 6th book so.....June, whoops!

The book I'm reviewing is 'Borrowed Light' by Joolz Denby.
This is the 3rd book I've read by Joolz. 
I enjoy the interesting female characters that she creates and the relationships between them. The story is told from the point of view of Astra, a young woman who's life has not really gone as she planned. Originally from Bradford, Astra is living on the Cornish coast. She  had intended to study in and move back to Bradford when her life changed and she became a carer for her mum and young sister. The book begins at a point where Astra has begun working for her friend Con. Things are going along nicely when Con's sister arrives, changing atmospheres and their lives.

I got totally hooked by this book. The characters are excellent and believable. 
I really enjoyed how Joolz explored the theme of how one person can change or create an atmosphere and how she used the environment, the deterioration of certain characters behaviour and the weather to accentuate the mounting tension in the book. I'd definitely recommend it.

Although I liked the book a lot, I really struggled with the artwork side. I had several ideas that I couldn't bring out onto paper as I wanted. So in the end, because I left quite a long gap between reading the book and starting the art side of things, I thought I'd do a journal page about the theme that really stuck with me. This was the main character's feeling of being 'an outsider' in the village and starting to see her own part in that ongoing feeling. Well, having moved from the Midlands to the West Country at secondary school age, I could totally relate to this!

Here is my page I painted my house and yes, I do have a palm tree taller than my house! 
The quote is from the book where Astra's brother is telling her that she should stop regarding herself as different to the locals.

I also enjoy Joolz's art...



  1. Lovely page, I will look for this book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a lovely house! Great journal page and an interesting review.

    Janet xx

  3. That was a lovely review Sophie, and I can totally understand your feelings as I had lived in 8 different homes by the age of 9. Your journal page is fabulous :D XXX

  4. Great review, totally love your journal page. I have moved quite a few times too so totally relate to the feeling of being an outsider.