Friday, 23 August 2013

Blogalong With Effy 23

I could not think of a single thing to blog about yesterday. I did a lot of boring jobs. The plus side of that is that I've been able to get my paints out on my day off today.

I recently joined a FB book group reading 'Women Who Run With The Wolves'. 

I've read it before (most of it!) but I'm excited to be reading it again as it's a fantastic book.
As well as discussion, the idea of the group is to do something creative inspired by the book. 
I've decided to do an art journal although I may do some other bits if I feel like it. 
Here's what I did after reading the introduction. These are pictures of me at times when I feel closest to my 'wild woman' nature :) There are many other references in the photos and layers besides being out in nature although that is important too. Creating this page has made me realise that that is something I do need to do more of. I do it less and less as my children get older.

I've had to order another copy of the book as I decided to rip out some pages for one of my layers :)


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