Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Some Sewing

A few months ago, the iPad stand I made got involved in an autism incident consisting of a lot of eggs being smashed in the kitchen. I chucked it out. My life is too short to hand wash raw eggs off small textile items!
I have missed it though. It was really useful for cooking, watching TV on iplayer etc and even hands free reading.

So, I finally got around to making a new one. I have seen quite a few different online tutorials for these stands since I made my first one and this is a bit if a combination of all of them. I am hopelessly slapdash with sewing, working it out as I go, no pins and measuring by eye. All bad habits I know! 
I think it turned out ok anyway and I'm using it all the time. 

The fabric is reused from this top,

originally bought from Dark Star Designs.

I also did this little owl cushion whilst I had the machine out...

...it's another tea towel pattern and although quick to do, because of the shape, I actually used pins!

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